With so much negativity being spoon-fed to us at every turn it is hard to keep your chin up as they say. Combine the heartbreaking personal challenges of illness and loss presented to us by COVID-19 with the relentless pounding of weather-related destruction, and it is understandable when people begin to lose hope. But thankfully, we aren’t made that way.

You see, we aren’t formed in the shadow of fear, but in the image of God. The same Creator reminds us in Jeremiah 29:11 by saying “For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” We are built to look ahead to better times and circumstances without overlooking the significance of the ground we stand upon. The past week provides us with fuel for that fire of hope that burns within us.

After weeks upon weeks of bad news and scary headlines, the tone is beginning to change ever so slightly. The vision of flattening curves, lower estimated fatalities, and many full recoveries are pushing back thoughts of the worst possible outcomes, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and thousands of less popular, but no less important LIVES are sharing stories of their recovery. And even though the weather showed her impressive strength this past weekend, millions of people were already positioned in their homes, devices ready, to worship a risen Savior this past Easter Sunday. When you know how the story ends it is easier to have hope.

We have hope for our future! Several companies are showing promising studies in treating and possibly curing the current virus that plagues us. Just this evening, stock market futures are rising sharply on nothing more than that hope. Various states are making plans to reopen their communities following similar moves in Asia. And there are even sporting events setting dates to begin entertaining us again bringing many sports fans, like me, a welcome respite.

How hopeful are you? Are you one of the many who are struggling to move out of the fog of fear and uncertainty? Or are you choosing to look ahead and see the sun rising in the distance? If you are the latter then you are full of hope and you are planning for your future that is filled with purpose. If you are the former then I plead with you to step out of the shadows and into the warmth of the new day because it is coming and you do have purpose regardless of your circumstances!

Regardless of your perspective, the future is coming and we want you to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Our team at FI Advisors, Inc. is committed to walking with our clients toward a bright future filled with hope. A walk whose path is charted with a financial life plan we can follow, adjust when circumstances change, and use it to help navigate unfamiliar territory as we continually reflect on where we’ve been, acknowledge where we are, and look forward to where we are going. We help our clients make the best decisions they can with the information we have so we can all have hope for the future.