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We at FI advisorsTM have spent combined decades in financial sectors of many different disciplines. We’ve interacted with other professionals across that time, and we’ve learned from their strengths and weaknesses alike. A few have stood out to us as being worthy on the journey to partners in our mission of helping others through fiscal success and we are pleased to represent them here.

JBC Companies

“JBC Companies is a committed partner to financial professionals and institutions, empowering them to identify, develop, and implement new or existing strategies for their financial service programs.”

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Cetera Investment Services LLC

“Delivering comprehensive financial solutions to investing clients by building strong relationships with banks and credit unions through unparalleled service, risk management and operational efficiency.”

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Journey Advisory Group

“Advisors who are passionate about life, client experience, and operational maturity choose to work with the Journey Team because we can assist them in reaching their most optimistic business objectives faster and more efficiently.”

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