As I shared dinner around our table tonight with my wife, Charlotte, and our two teenagers something crazy happened! Deep conversation erupted without the assistance of technology of any sort. As we each took turns sharing things we wanted to pray for, my better half shared with us a nugget of wisdom that she garnered from a Zoom call with a friend earlier in the day. Enjoying the now highly valued face to face conversation, Charlotte and her buddy contemplated greater revelations as a result of our “cold turkey” separation from our treasured routines. One of the conclusions was that this time we have in an unfamiliar environment is revealing our idols. So why does that matter?

Over the last 15 years I’ve observed a great deal about people and even more about myself. Regardless of our level of education, corporate titles, self-determined significance, or the size of our paychecks, we all have things we cling to like a child to a teddy bear. Routines, principles, hobbies, habits, likes and follows are just a taste from the menu of acquisition and recognition that we feed on as if we were unconscious buzzards. I, more than most, was guilty of this for way too long. Allowing my identity to be defined by the outside influences of a temporary world, I eventually had the scales ripped off my eyes and saw how things should be and the proper time value each deserved. Wake up calls can be a good thing.

When everything is going like you planned with your routine firmly in place, health assured, investments consistently growing, land values rising, job secure, and freedom to choose how we spend our time and resources, we lose sight of what most of the world calls reality. But when we lose what we thought we had control over we suddenly devalue all of the blessings we’ve enjoyed and take our current struggles and multiply them to a level overshadowing the hope of the reality that is still awaiting us. The ease by which we can be swayed and our confidence shaken should force us to question what our faith was based on to start with and, even more importantly, what is our true identity?

Isn’t it interesting how a society that seemed to be destined to look down for the rest of their lives at whatever device can be created for our convenient pleasure is now looking out the window for a friendly face and looking up for answers? The connections we create and maintain through technology are precious, but they are no substitute for a hug, handshake, back slap, shed tear, or loving kiss. We need each other and we need the real thing! I’m thankful for a house full of the people I love most, but many are not so fortunate. Call them and see how they are doing and
what you can do for them.

Let me ask you a few questions: Given the world you live in TODAY, what do you value most? What does that say about who you are as a person? Are you pleased with the answer? If not, what are you going to do about it? Our entire team is dedicated to helping one another and the clients we serve to define who they are called to be and set a course of actions to live out that life consistently. At Financial Identity Advisors, identity is our middle name, but it is the key to fulfilling purpose in our lives and the lives of those we love most.

The unpredictability of our health, finances, and overall futures is not to be taken lightly. However, I believe these times can serve a priceless purpose if we resist the magnetic pull of forgetfulness. Awaken your true identity and realize the God given purpose your life possesses. Let’s remember these experiences and take actions
together that forever change the course of our individual lives, that of our families and businesses, and collectively we will change the course of history.