Once a military base of the United States Army, Fort Wayne evolved with the times and is now one of the most populous US cities, with over 200,000 citizens and billions of dollars exchanged every year.


We Learn From The World Around Us

Dominant in the manufacturing, healthcare, and finance industries, Fort Wayne has a plethora of economic strengths. Our financial advisors in Fort Wayne have spent years immersed in this culture of commerce, learning more every day how to best serve its occupants and those who wish to understand its financial sector.

Featured Services

Insurance: life, long-term care, disability, and other services

Life is full of unknowns and the best financial life plan cannot predict all the potential risks to a SECURE future. For some of the risks we can identify we provide the security of insuring against those risks to protect those you care about most.

Sustainable Income

Unfortunately pensions are a rare breed today and social security just isn’t enough for most families. When there is a need to provide supplemental income that sustains one or two lifetimes we provide a multitude of solutions customized to each individual’s need.

Other Services Offered

Financial Planning
Growth Coaching

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